[Soekris] PPC... GEODE... MIPS...

Shawn Mitchell shawnm at iodamedia.net
Tue Jul 29 21:22:05 UTC 2003

I was reading on the archives while looking for other information about the
possible use of other CPU's in new/future boards.

I was just curious where this was.  Soren's comment on trying to find any
other architecture where besides x86 you could take a 10 year old binary and
still run it is very insightful and true.

What about the GEODE cpu?  It's an x86 based cpu.  Or have there been any
issues found with it?  I'm not the most competent with it in great detail,
but from what I have seen and used of it on projects, I have never had a
problem.  Granted, I did not try to run an old binary on it.

The PPC CPU is something I would like to see.  They have a great/short
pipeline structure, and would be great for intensive TCP/IP applications
because of it.

The MIPS CPU is of fair quality, but it seems that instruction set's change
with each release enough to cause headache's. If you do low level stuff,
your probably going to want to stick with something less volatile.  But that
is coming from little experience with it so you can ignore my opinion of a
MIPS device.

What are some other opinions on these?


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