[Soekris] Re: Cost effective embedded solutions

M. Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Sun Jul 27 18:58:41 UTC 2003

In message: <200307271844.h6RIial1015282 at guild.plethora.net>
            seebs at plethora.net (Peter Seebach) writes:
: In message <20030727183220.GB18198 at che.ojctech.com>, David Young writes:
: >  Which wireless cards are Windows-only? In open source, there is support
: >  for Prism, Atmel, ADMtek, and Atheros. ACX-100 support for Linux is
: >  well underway. I asked, and Realtek sent me some remarkably complete
: >  documentation the other day, so that .11b chip is covered.
: >  I think that there is still a major barrier to open source drivers
: >  for Broadcom's wireless chips. I cannot think of any other maker.
: >  What have I missed?
: Isn't there a TI chipset?  I have a card with one which I can't find any
: information about.

That's the ACX-100.


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