[Soekris] Can we run Soekris through 12v battery

ankur.j@media.mit.edu ankur.j at media.mit.edu
Fri Jul 25 11:24:32 UTC 2003

Thanks everybody for giving me information about installing apache and wget
on the soekris. I was making the mistake of having full development
environment over the soekris.... I was thinking since I have 512Mb memory, I
can install everything on it...

I want to connect the soekris with the 12v battery of my car. I wanted to
know, can soekris run through the car battery when other electric appliances
in the car is also sharing the same battery. Whenever we start the car, the
power output of the battery becomes a bit lower (all the lights get dim for
the moment). So, will it damage the soekris or not (may be reboot the
machine)?  I have seen the specs of the soekris - it can run on 5.5v or
11-48v. What does it mean? Does it mean that I can run my net4521 from 5.5v
battery source.

I would appreciate any comments on this.

Thanks in advance.


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