[Soekris] Re: mobile wireless AP

Arent Kits van Heijningen[106016.3614] kitsvh at xs4all.nl
Tue Jul 22 08:46:21 UTC 2003

On  Mon, 21 Jul 2003 16:53:02 +0200 you wrote :

>>I am currently developing a new structure to the company mobile APs. 
The test system is based on a Soekris 4521 and a Symbol Technology PPT
8800 (wireless version) 

How to the questions:

Are their anyone their have install a Sierra wireless Aircard 750 (GSM /
GPRS) in a Soekris?<<

That one should work , it is a Hayes-compatible RF modem 
You should also look at the alternatives , namely Option's Globetrotter and
the AudioVox ( 3.3 volts , CF , requires adapter ) 
The Option is supported by Vodafone 
Both the Option and the Audiovox support voice ,( requires headset )

>>The last couple of days there have been some discussions on wireless
should be Mini PCI or PCMCIA.
Can you get the Mini PCI with an antenna?<<
If it is WAN ( i.e. TDMA/GPRS as in your case or CDMA/UMTS ) PCMCIA is still
the way to go , most cards come now in CF format wich can be used in PCMCIA
slots using a simple adapter 
(Soren , can you  chime in and comment on the possibilities of mini-PCI to CF adapters ? )

>>The plan is to have a GPS connect to the DB9 but are they're anyone that
have done this?
The plan is to use a Leadtek GPS 9531 Smart Antenna.<<
Technically any GPS that supports the NMEA standard should work with the
Soekris boards 
Note however that you will need USB host capabilities when using an USB only
If your "smart antenna " has NMEA output over RS-232 it should work 
For use of GPS in "generic" *.CE environments look at 
These apply to linux on the PocketPC platform  but you can get tons of info
about hooking up GPS to a generic platform

>>Do the Soekris only run flash card to a max of 1 GB or can it work with
the 2 GB or 4 GB cards then that day comes? <<
Tecnically no problem , it is a regular PC platform , however usual
disclaimers with respect to large card sizes apply 

>>The plan is that all the cars have maps install into the Soekris and
display these on the Symbol 8800. The current map is 1.4 GB at the
moment and to that the Debian, Mysql, Mysql data and 50 MB of data needs
to be on it.  
A total amount around 2 GB. Does anyone have a good idea to this
problem? There cannot be use a hard drive.<<

First  what about a large card in the Symbol boxes ?
If you put in a gig in the SYMBOL box and another in the Soekris , you can
have 2 gig with cards available through regular retail/mail order channels 
Also look at sectionalising the map e.g Jylland , Fyn+Lolland and
If you go for the dual-slot board you can use an external reader for the
large card 
The 4521 board has dual 32-bit PCMCIA slots and a CF slot 
Instead of a card-based GPRS you could use a Nokia or Siemens GPRS module and
a USB host card + USB to RS-232 adapter lead or plug 

>>Hope someone have some ideas. <<

See above 


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