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>>Hi Dirk-Willem
Nice to know I am not the only one with this idea :-)

The system is not only for traffic navigation, the base of the system
and the reason for using a Symbol PPT 8800 is that we scan (BARCODES)
all packages that we transport for our costumers. The system is going to
run some home made route-planning algorisms (based on the data from the
barcodes) on the road and then uploads these to the primary server using
the GPRS card. Then the primary server plans the total route of the
package. Trust me it is a pretty complex system. :-)

> Technically getting bsd/linux on them is not a big deal at all (though
> license nightmare can be - as some vendors are tied to WinCE) - and as
> with any open soure OS getting things certified by your local road
> authority can be a bit of a pain.

The Symbol 8800 will still run WinCE do to the vendor's demand of
support and repair. <<
The cost advantages of running Linux or *BSD on a handheld device are
non-existent , there's also the per-CPU licence for the WindowsCE operating
system (currently about USD 3/EUR 4 per system ) making Linux on
enterprise-class ruggedized handhelds essentially a non-starter 
All the issues surrounding WindowsCE can be tackled at both the hardware
level ( i.e by the device manufacturer/knowlegeable owner ) and the
application level ( i.e software developer , IT department and again device
manufacturer/knowlegeable owner ) 

It is possible to run BSD or Linux entirely in the unit's RAM without
touching the onboard flash , this will however require a large CF 
Don't expect large gains in terms of functionality and stability however ,
the limitations are in the hardware , not the operating system ! 

Look also at for a toolkit that lets you expand
WindowsCE into X-WindowsCE (+ Unix shell and toolkit )
Also look at 

for more details and contact Mr Warner Losch
and Mr Darryll Okahata either on or off list 
Both are the list-resident gurus on *nix-on-handhelds issues , 
they are very active on the netbsd-hpc and lists


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