SV: [Soekris] mobile wireless AP

Jens Christian Andersen jens at
Tue Jul 22 10:13:50 UTC 2003

Hi Chuck

>> The plan is to have a GPS connect to the DB9 but are they're anyone
>> have done this?

> "the db9" is intended for, and used as console.
> You likely want it connected via the second serial port.
> (two wires + ground that can be snagged from the db9
> if you don't need HW handshaking).

The thing is that i have to install all this equipment and that only
leaves the db9 left.
Sierra wireless 750 PCMCIA
mini pci wireless
CF card PCMCIA adapter with cf card
Cf card in the standard reader.

>> Do the Soekris only run flash card to a max of 1 GB or can it work
>> the 2 GB or 4 GB cards then that day comes? 
> Not sure I'd ever want to have that much READ ONLY.  If I want to
> data, I'd be looking at something else.  Like a disk (usb disk?).

The problem is that the box must be as small as possible and without
moving parts.
That is why the there can be no CD /DVD drive or Hard drive. The only
thing that might come into view is a small PCMCIA hard drive. 

> But it seems like you have a Soekris hammer and everything looks like
> a nail.
The reason for this is that the pc 104 modules runs up to a price that
is too high and the pc 104 modules take up to much space.

>> The plan is that all the cars have maps install into the Soekris and
>> display these on the Symbol 8800. The current map is 1.4 GB at the
>> moment and to that the Debian, Mysql, Mysql data and 50 MB of data
>> to be on it.  
>> A total amount around 2 GB. Does anyone have a good idea to this
>> problem? There cannot be use a hard drive.

> I have a buddy with a radio for his car.  It's actually an Empeg
> Has a 30GB drive in it.  Lives in his dash.  Never skips and hasn't
> had a bump in 2+ years.  He can pull it from the car, plug in the
> ethernet and audio out and use it at home (it's pre-WiFi).

The system is more for data transmission then for the maps to be showed.

> Another buddy has a lovely blaupunkt (sp?) nav system in his
> car.  If you compress your maps and data right, you can fit
> many many many cities onto a CD.

Moving parts in a dusty and closed environment normally is not a good
idea but it could be the plan.

> I've also done work for companies that have small boxy, densely packed
> computers.  We had 2x36GB with 1GHz CPU and 1GB RAM in something that
> would ALMOST fit in the large pocket of cargo pants.

>Look at the UPS devices.  hardened plastic and, if you shockmount it
>right, room for a LOT of laptop drive.

Again moving parts :-)

> Worried about power?  Get a battery.  I've sat on a boat for HOURS
> with a laptop and tunes blasting on a secondary battery and an
> to make AC.

> And second large car battery should do this for you.  I'd worry about
> drawing more than 3-4 AMPs at 220VAC, but that's a lot of laptop.
> Laptops have DVDs.  DVDs hold maps.

This one thing that must be made but the system needs to work first, you
can all most 100% get a battery to work with the soekris.

> One of the things I liked about the soekris was that I was finding
> LOTS and LOTS of devices with support for VGA level LCDs and for
> harddrives.  The embedded-linux world is full of them.  Intel partners
> using ARM abound.  But I didn't want a drive or a screen.  I wanted
> what the 45x1 mostly is.

> Perhaps this is the wrong nail for your hammer :)

I hope not but you might be right.



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