[Soekris] mobile wireless AP

Jens Christian Andersen jens at danx.dk
Mon Jul 21 14:53:02 UTC 2003

Hi people

I am currently developing a new structure to the company mobile APs. The
plan is at all cars should have a "home made" mobile wireless access
point mounted inside with antennas below the front windows and above the
dash board. 

The test system is based on a Soekris 4521 and a Symbol Technology PPT
8800 (wireless version) 

How to the questions:

Are their anyone their have install a Sierra wireless Aircard 750 (GSM /
GPRS) in a Soekris?

The last couple of days there have been some discussions on wireless
should be Mini PCI or PCMCIA.
Can you get the Mini PCI with an antenna?

The plan is to have a GPS connect to the DB9 but are they're anyone that
have done this?
The plan is to use a Leadtek GPS 9531 Smart Antenna.

Do the Soekris only run flash card to a max of 1 GB or can it work with
the 2 GB or 4 GB cards then that day comes? 

The plan is that all the cars have maps install into the Soekris and
display these on the Symbol 8800. The current map is 1.4 GB at the
moment and to that the Debian, Mysql, Mysql data and 50 MB of data needs
to be on it.  
A total amount around 2 GB. Does anyone have a good idea to this
problem? There cannot be use a hard drive.

Hope someone have some ideas.



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