[Soekris] Cost effective embedded solutions

Chuck Yerkes chuck+soekris at 2003.snew.com
Sun Jul 20 18:32:44 UTC 2003

Quoting Roger Weeks (rjw at sonic.net):
> Our wireless co-op is definitely interested in lower cost boards.  We love the
 4521 hardware but right now it costs somewhere between $4-600 to build a relay 
node.  If Soren can bring down pricing on something comparable it would be very 
beneficial to us.

And yet you don't say what you'd give up?
"we want things to cost us less" is pretty self-evident.

I loved this board when it came out because, unlike LOTS AND LOTS
of other SBCs I've found, it's designed for serial console (no cost
raising LCD support or VGA/Keyboard requirements).  Pre-wireless
craze, 2-3 ethernet ports meant it *nailed* the low cost firewall
appliance space.  That MiniPCI was intended for IPSEC copr's.

I can find lots of 8-12MB x86 embedded boards.  PC104 world is
full of them.  DiskOnChip can be a pain to start with (CF was
just butt simple to start with with a PCMCIA adapter and a
laptop running my OS-of-Choice).  I can get a shell on my
45x1.  That's huge for me.

Would I like it to cost $120?  Sure.  But my expectations of that
are low.  I'm happy that it's a 10watt box that can live off of
a solar panel and battery.  I'd take lower power (non-x86 cores)
in the same form factor first.  And an SO-DIMM i'face :)

What I really need is a good TKIP implentation in a BSD.

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