[Soekris] Re: WISP-Dist on Soekris net4521

"stefan stänz @ drahtlos" stefan.staenz at drahtlos.ch
Mon Jul 14 06:37:14 UTC 2003

hi daniel,

we are running wisp-dist as access-points also and had no problems! no 
question that you can specify 2 seperate channels for both wireless 
interfaces. wdist also has a great interface to configure it, statitics 
for your wireless cards (which mac how much data/traffic...), zebra for 
automated routing if you plan to set more aps up, vtun for encrypted 
tunnels (too sad it's slow, since it runs in linux userland :-( ), snmp 
for status information, software watchdog that resets the board if on 
interface crashes (which sometimes happens...)

we are currently working with version 2591, which is stable. with older 
ones we have experienced problems. the software crashed above 35° 
celcius. that didn't happen with 2591! strange enough... 2601 didn't 
work, the partition on the cf was too full and we could not save any 
data anymore...

go to http://www.hazard.maks.net/wisp-dist/downloads/ to get latest 
releases and test images.

good luck and feel free to contact me off-list with specific questions.



Does anyone have experience using the WISP-Dist in an 8 mb CF on a 4521?  If
so, does it support the use of two wireless channels?  Are there known bugs
or other problems with the software or hardware?  Is there a better solution
<see below>?

I am preparing to setup a local community wireless portal based in our
church and would like to run two sectional antennas (in the bell tower) off
of a single wireless router.  The Soekris 4521 and WISP-Dist looks almost
like a plug-n-play solution. . . add a few connectors, two 200mWatt pcmcia
cards, P.o.E, antennas and VOILA: A wireless Access Point for less than

I am moderately knowlegable about Linux and have setup a two-server,
multi-subnet church network with nfs, samba, a cdrom server and thin client
computer lab (LTSP), but my wireless experience is quite limited.  I have
absolutely NO experience with bsd, so a Linux solution would preferrable.


P.S. I don't know anything about setting up a Radius server.  Any
suggestions on where to go for a decent Howto?  The FreeRadius site is a bit
sparse . . .

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First Presbyterian Church
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