[Soekris] Help! Getting a 4511 to boot linux

Jay Doscher jay at doscher.net
Sun Jul 13 04:45:55 UTC 2003


I have a Soekris 4511 and I've installed Slackware 9 onto a 128 meg CF
card using a different host pc and a cf-ide adapter.  The install went
fine, and the cf card boots and spits out my kernel messages using the
'append  = "console=ttyS0,9600"' command.  However, when I put the cf
card in my Soekris 4511, I get the following back:

comBIOS ver. 1.15  20021013  Copyright (C) 2000-2002 Soekris
0032 Mbyte Memory                        CPU 80486 100 Mhz
Pri Mas  Flash Card                      LBA 503-16-32  128 Mbyte
PXE-M00: BootManage UNDI, PXE-2.0 (build 082)


 1 Seconds to automatic boot.   Press Ctrl-P for entering Monitor.
reading boot......
Bad magic

Any ideas?  I see lots of stuff on Google for this problem under
OpenBSD, but I can't find anything on soekris machines and linux.  I
have the cf card formatted as a 125 meg drive.  What do I need to do to
get my soekris to boot my card?  Thanks in advance!


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