[Soekris] PXE doesn't function on Net4501 / BIOS v1.15

Anders Marius Jørgensen lists at anders-marius.dk
Sat Jul 12 08:24:46 UTC 2003

You should not disable spanning-tree on Your Catalyst 6509.
You should rather enable spanning-tree portfast on ports of the Catalyst 
6509 connected to your host machines.



At 17:12 11-07-03 -0700, Cliff Skolnick wrote:
>In most cases you will be better off disabling spanning tree.  When an 
>interface goes down with spanning tree enabled (and configured for slow 
>start) it may be a minute or two until traffic will pass.  During the boot 
>process of the kernel it is not uncommon for the interface to be reset and 
>cause a short outage in the middle of the boot process.
>Ciscos also take time to auto-negotiate, you might need to lock the 
>interface to a data rate for the same reason.
>On Friday, Jul 11, 2003, at 14:47 US/Pacific, Brooks Davis wrote:
>>On Fri, Jul 11, 2003 at 11:24:18AM +0200, Oliver wrote:
>>>i had this problem when the link was patched to a 10/100 Cisco Catalyst
>>>(auto-neg). There was not even a DHCP-request. After patching the link
>>>to a cheap 10M hub PXE works fine ...
>>On the SMC 10/100/1000 switch I have at home, I found that disabling
>>spanning tree seemed to fix the problem.  Oddly, even the patch through
>>a dumb hub trick didn't work reliably with this switch.  Disabling
>>spanning tree seems to have no effect with a Cisco Catalyst 6513 so it's
>>probably just a weird "feature" of the SMC switch.
>>-- Brooks
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