[Soekris] 4521 and two Prisim 2 cards and other questions

Jim Thompson jim at netgate.com
Wed Jul 9 10:31:00 UTC 2003

Keith Tucker writes:
> 1. Would it be possible to use a Soekris 4521 and two (prisim 2) WLAN PC
> cards to set up a two sector AP (1 card for each sector) and feed this
> with an ethernet connection while all the time routing between everything.  

Yes and No.

Yes, the digital hw will work (thats a Soekris question).
No, you're going to have RF issues. (not a Soekris question)

> Does HostAP support 2 WLAN cards in AP mode. 


> In anyones opinion, will the 4521 support the horsepower needed for
> this.  I estimate 10 - 30 users per sector.

Probably, unless you want to do essoteric things.  Packet forwarding
shouldn't be a problem, at least for the digital hw (Soekris
question), as long as you enable DMA in the hostap driver.

> 2.  Considering the above possible, is it possible under Linux
> network support to limit the bandwidth per user (connection,
> whatever).  In other words, I would want to limit each client to say
> 300K/second or so.

Yes, there are tools (code) for this.  How well they work is open to
question.  I encourage you to only drop (throttle) downlink packets.
Throwing away uplink packets is a sin.

> Also, can you restrict (allow, deny) connections to the AP by MAC
> address.  

Yes, hostap supports this (you'll end up writing some code).  Not a
Soekris question, btw.

> What other way would it be possible to keep unauthorized users
> off the network  (login using PPPoE or some other method).

Dozens.  Not a Soekris question.

> 3.  Is there a FAQ, instructions, or other documentation/website that
> explaines in detail how to build images from scratch for flash cards to
> boot the Soekris 4521 boards.  I know that there are images already out
> there, but I would really like to learn how this is done so that I can
> play around with it and tweek and experiment.

I'd kick the tires around NYCwireless(.net), SeattleWireless(.net) or
PersonalTelco(.net).  The last of these is Portland, OR.


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