[Soekris] PCI card + 5V kills board

Bernd Walter soekris-tech at cicely.de
Mon Jul 7 14:26:18 UTC 2003

I tried a Longshine USB2.0 card in a 4501 at 12V which seemed to work.
Next I tried JP6 supply with GND at 1+2 and 5V at 3+4.
The board died with a hearable tick :(
After replacing the Q3 (the driver bridge for 3.3V regulator) the
board worked again at 12V without additional cards.
I retried 5V with the USB card which killed Q3 again.

I have no clue if my 5V supplying was wrong or the USB2.0 card isn't
really 3.3V aware - altough it has a 3.3V notch and claims to be
PCI2.2 which implies 3.3V operating.
My impression is that the card is just crap but I not happy to try
out cards until it runs.
Has anyone any expiriences to share?

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ticso at bwct.de                                  info at bwct.de

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