[Soekris] Linux / FreeSWAN support for the Soekris vpn1201/1211

Info Account info at PerryResearch.com
Sun Jul 6 17:33:08 UTC 2003

OpenBSD's OCF still provides the hardware abstraction layer for interfacing with
said specific devices, namely the HiFn line for Soekris' application.

There has been mention by the OBSD team as well as other folks of a /dev/crypto
implementation for Linux, which I assume would include dovetail with support for
the 2.5's kernel IPSEC and FreeSWAN/+ crypto implementations.  Anybody know if
that has happened yet?

Quoting Michael Sierchio <kudzu at tenebras.com>:

> Info Account wrote:
> > I know that OpenBSD supports the vpn1201/1211 by default, but what about
> > FreeSWAN?  I seem to recall FreeSWAN working on a userland implementation
> of
> > OpenBSD's crypto hooks, but I can't seem to find any support on the HiFn
> line as
> > of yet.
> The purpose of /dev/crypto is to provide cryptographic services
> without having in-depth knowledge of specific devices.


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