[Soekris] 4501 wireless

Chuck Yerkes chuck+soekris at 2003.snew.com
Sun Jul 6 03:34:08 UTC 2003

Quoting David LeBlanc (whisper at oz.net):
> I'm wondering if there is any advantage to using a PCI vs mini-PCI card for
> the radio card? I notice that all the 802.11g cards are PCI right now... ?
> Do you have to remove the mounting bracket to use a regular PCI card inside
> a 4501?

You can use about any 3.3V PCI card.  The *case* may not work with
it, but the case is just an example to start with :)

I've mounted electronics in sorta retro metal lunchboxes, Altoids
tins (16 channel digital IO/serial card) and other stuff.
> Any suggestions on what card to get, what other accessories are needed and
> where to get them at the best price would be appreciated.

Depends on what you want to do.
I had a Lucent MiniPCI and got  a rubber "whip" antenna and pigtail
from Netgate. It's lovely, it meets most of my needs (TKIP support
is the missing bit - just software).  Netgate got me the stuff I
ordered it well before I expected it.  Highly recommended.

802.11g support is about 8 days old for BSD, and I'm not sure how
many cards that use the chipset.

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