[Soekris] booting from CF

Ravi ravivsn at roc.co.in
Fri Jul 4 10:39:18 UTC 2003

Have you tried booting from flash instead of NFS boot.
I followed the instructions from linux4501.sourceforge.net
I found problem with lilo.
Any pointers is much appreciated.If the procedure works well I want it 
to document the proceedings of this thread.

> What I did was NFS boot my SBC using Mike Machado's instructions at 
> http://www.innercite.com/~mike/soekris/ - then perform the dd *on the SBC* 
> from the NFS-mounted fs. This cunningly ensures consistency of geometry :)
> Hope this helps.
> cjb
> http://ocean.ucc.ie/~cjvdb1/
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