[Soekris] OS images for soekris 4511?

Stephen Gornick sgornick at digicoast.com
Tue Jul 1 17:42:48 UTC 2003


> I'd love to see a wireless card with 128MB of RAM.

SanDisk  Connect Plus 128MB + Wi-Fi Compact Flash
Model # SDWCFB-128-768


I punched the model number into http://froogle.com and
found a dozen merchants selling it for about $100, but
the first few I checked don't show it as being in stock,
so who knows if it really is out yet.  SanDisk release
date was supposed to be June 16.


- Stephen

Chuck Yerkes wrote:

>Quoting Vladimir Ivaschenko (hazard at francoudi.com):
>>Take a look here then: http://www.xs4all.nl/~hreuver/net4501.html
>>PS: Modern CFs can sustain quite a lot of writing. Somehow a myth
>>spreaded on the list that it is not so.
>Modern CF's are SLOW to read and MUCH slower to write (they ARE
>flash).  Such that swapping over NFS may be faster.
>If you need to count on lots and lots of writes, then perhaps a CF
>is the wrong answer.  Me?  as my box logs data it very periodically
>writes it to a slice at the end - operational stuff such that if
>I lose it in a power reset life goes on.
>Writing ~ 0.5k every two days will get slower.  Eventually.  4
>years is 700 writes.
>"Modern CFs" are driven by market forces.  We, at this time, are
>not even a footnote of marketing.  The main market is cameras and
>the like.  Unfo, like the disk market, the drive is for size.  I've
>gotten 8MB cards from folks with new cameras - they come with a
>token, but useless, card.
>On a limb, we won't likely ever see $5 16MB cards.  Economics and
>marketing and production makes it hard to justify keeping more than
>5 levels of cards.  As 512MB and 1GB cards come along, the low end
>will get larger and larger.  And the flash takes up less and less
>room on a card that was sized fairly large for userhandling.
>CF makers have mumbled about multifunction cards - something to
>keep price up. I'd love to see a wireless card with 128MB of RAM.
>A CF with a write cache to bundle up writes would be nice but not
>practical in the camera world (snap!  tug, store).
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