[Soekris] soekris oriented linux distro

Raymond Hall kovalski at msg.com.mx
Fri Feb 28 21:55:11 UTC 2003

On Fri, 2003-02-28 at 14:51, Vladimir I. wrote:
> Take a look at WISP-Dist. Uses standard libc and fits 
> into 8 MB flash/16 MB RAM. http://leaf-project.org/

I've seen it. I think the issue could be seen as twofold:

1) the booting process and "run time" environment 

In this point, it's almost trivial to have a linux set up and running
from scratch, and i don't kind of like WISP's heredity from the lrp
project in the sense that i find booting with syslinux from  a fat
partition and untaring to ramdisk a pointless overhead in a cf based
system. It made sense when booting from a floppy, but what's the point
of duplicating binaries in ram (once when untaring to ramdisk and twice
when running them) when you could as well bootstrap from a native etx3
filesystem on the cf?
so far, the "packages" from lrp are just compressed tars, and i would
like more control at install and upgrade such as is offered by dpkg, rpm
or the ipckg that i mentioned in the previous mail.
(yes, i've played with pebble)

2) the ad-hoc applications for configuring and managing the unit

this is the "real" stuff, in the sense that there are so many ways and
ongiong projects to solve this, ranging from the minimal "ssh into the
unit and vi the startup scripts" to the resource-hungry approach of
"install apache, perl, php and webmin and do it all via web"
i haven't checked that much WISP's configuration scripts, but certainly
my aim is the end-user, probably with a nice web interface, maybe snmp
configuration too, without limiting the ability of the "power user" to
exploit the full extent of linux routing capabilities.

we're about to set up  a web page with the system as is so far, and as
soon as we decide on the configuration approach, maybe wisp inspired or
maybe a new one from scratch we'll be adding to it.

Raymond Hall 

"Even if World War I consisted of nothing but a very, very large number
of quarks in a very, very complicated pattern of motion, no insight is
gained by describing it that way"
Steven Pinker, on reductionism. "The Blank Slate" p. 70

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