[Soekris] Booting 4521 thru compact flash

Trevor Warren postmaster at medialabasia.mine.nu
Fri Feb 28 12:36:35 UTC 2003

Hey venkatesh...;)
 Sorry to bug all on this list. I will be answering this email in
context, so those who wish can scroll down to read...:)

On Fri, 2003-02-28 at 16:29, Varadan Venkatesh wrote:
> Everytime I change the source bzImage, booting thro NFS and then writing to
> CF is creating a problem for me. Hence I need to write directly to CF using
> my devleopment laptop.
> I have a few questions in this aspect:
> - If I try the same sequence of commands from my shell in the desktop (and
> not via soekris shell), the laptop doesnt boot. Why?

 Very simple, cause what is happening is that you are loosing your own
MBR on the laptop dear. Don't.....and again lemme say..DON't run lilo
from the laptop. The least you should do is issue the following

bash# lilo -v -C /path/to/lilo.con -b /dev/hde

 This should save you from the labrynth of hell. That apart, i suggest
that every time you run lilo/grub on ur machine once ur done with
running lilo on the flash. 

> - For the soekris to boot thru CF, does it need to have JFFS2 file system on
> it?. One website asked me to create two partitions, one based on ext2fs and
> one based on jffs2. I didnt quite understand as to how the CF boot process
> happens in case there are two partitions with different file systems.

  You can have any File system you want...ext2/ext3.



> Please, could somebody guide me on this aspect. I have been desperately
> trying so many options on this that I am not sure as to what it takes to
> make a soekris boot thru CF.
> Regards
> Venky
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