[Soekris] soekris oriented linux distro

Raymond Hall kovalski at msg.com.mx
Fri Feb 28 20:09:48 UTC 2003


I'm working to assemble a linux based distro to run on either my 4501 or
4521. So far, i already boot, have a micro working system based on
busybox & tinylogin. (no pam nor nss stuff).
I working with a 2.4.18-24.8.0 red hat kernel (recompiled to the bare
minimum i need) and glibc 2.2.93-5. (also RH 8.0 based)
The main point i started a new distro is because i didn't want to have a
separate build environment based on uClibc or that stuff. I first tried
a minimum rh 8.0 install but that is 336 MB. so i bagan installing rpms
by hand to the bare minimum needed for booting and got a decent 76 MB
system, but my target being a 16MB sandisk cf i decided to go from
scratch, nno rpm nor pam or any huge lib stuff.
I like the ipkg (sort of debian stripped) packager from the familiar
distro, so thats the aim now. I remade binutils to be able to compile
for a "new target" named i386-linux-soekris (the point is to be able to
maintain my gcc and "normal" build environment, but to compile for
glibc-2.3, which i already managed to do)
I compiled a minimal glibc-2.3 and so far the system, with kernel, libc,
busybox & tinylogin is 3.6 MB. my goal now is to include the firewalling
binaries and some other stuff that would be nice to have (perl, ip, tc,
iptables, openssh, openssl, netstat, net-snmpd, pppd)
I wonder if anyone here would be interested in collaborating,
fortunately i'm doing all this for a co. that has been sponsoring open
source development, so i'm on it full time.
i haven't had time to assemble a web page with info & distro, but would
gladly send the tar to anyone interested.

Raymond Hall
Matias Software Group
Mexico, D.F. 
"Even if World War I consisted of nothing but a very, very large number
of quarks in a very, very complicated pattern of motion, no insight is
gained by describing it that way"
Steven Pinker, on reductionism. "The Blank Slate" p. 70

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