[Soekris] Partitioning a CF card

Terry Schmidt terry at nycwireless.net
Thu Feb 27 21:26:01 UTC 2003

For me, I just ran the DD image onto a 128 meg compact flash, and it worked 
fine even though the DD was only for a 8meg compact flash.  The partition 
table was a little weird, but it booted and ran fine.  The compact flash I 
was using was SanDisk.

If the maintainers of wisp-dist are on this list, perhaps they could 
increase the baud rate of the console port, as the graphical menus are 
pretty slow at 9600 baud.  38400 would be good, or the Soekris default of 
19200 would be better than 9600.  I realize that this breaks a bit of the 
standard of using 9600 baud, but the graphical menus run very slowly at 


--On Thursday, February 27, 2003 2:31 PM -0500 Dave Shpritz 
<dave at shpritz.net> wrote:

> Hey everyone.  I've been using the LEAF wisp-dist on my soekris box, but
> have run out of 8mb CFs.  So I'm moving to 32mb cards since they seem
> widely available.  The problem is how to create the partitions (Windows
> 2000, Partition Magic, etc. won't work with a removable disk).  I have
> some FreeBSD and OpenBSD boxes running, but I'm afraid I don't know how
> to make the FAT partitions using them.  If someone has a link or any
> hint, please let me know.  Thanks again everyone.
> prosper,
> Dave
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