[Soekris] Partitioning a CF card

Vladimir I. hazard at francoudi.com
Thu Feb 27 19:00:34 UTC 2003

Linux's fdisk works :-) However you to provide correct CHS values. I'm 
surprised that Windows doesn't work though. Never tested it myself.

If you want, I can send you an image for 32 mb CF.

I plan to move to partitionless system, which would work on any CF.

Dave Shpritz wrote:

> Hey everyone.  I've been using the LEAF wisp-dist on my soekris box, but have run out of 8mb CFs.  So I'm moving to 32mb cards since they seem widely available.  The problem is how to create the partitions (Windows 2000, Partition Magic, etc. won't work with a removable disk).  I have some FreeBSD and OpenBSD boxes running, but I'm afraid I don't know how to make the FAT partitions using them.  If someone has a link or any hint, please let me know.  Thanks again everyone.

Best Regards,
Systems Engineer (RHCE)

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