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Michael DeMan michael at staff.openaccess.org
Thu Feb 27 05:34:41 UTC 2003


We actually do DNS on our green boxes.  We have them setup both to do local
DNS and operate as primaries to feed our secondaries so customers can manage
their own DNS services.

We do this using Manuel's mini-bsd (http://www.neon1.net) and use webmin to
provide a GUI.

Our expericne as a small ISP however suggests that doing client-side DNS at
this level is not worth the hassle.  As an ISP, you *must* have at least one
reliable 'upstream' DNS server.

If you want DNS on your greenboxes, you can build according to Manuel's
instructions and then simply and the latest BIND port.  I can get you an
image of what we have if you're interested.

- Mike

On 2/26/03 9:03 PM, "Matt" <hciss at hciws.com> wrote:

> I would like to setup the net4501 as a small caching DNS server.  I am a
> wireless Internet provider and my upstreams DNS server occasionally gives
> trouble and I am getting tired of it.  I have a net4501 & 128CF on hand and
> would like to play with it anyway.  Are there any images that I can use to
> do this to save re-inventing the wheel?  I have a CF read/write device in my
> Windows XP box too.  Where would I start?
> Matt
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