[Soekris] poor 4521 performance

Vladimir I. hazard at francoudi.com
Tue Feb 25 13:13:34 UTC 2003

>From what I know StarOS have decided explicitely not to support
Soekris because of some argument with Soren.

Try WISP-Dist (note: I'm its author). It supports IP bridging on
any type of card.

Vince Vielhaber wrote about "[Soekris] poor 4521 performance":
> I'm trying to use a 4521 as a bridge between two wireless cards.  I'm
> using StarOS SBC Router (FreeBSD won't bridge between two wireless
> cards unless they're both in hostap, unless that changed) in this
> configuration:
> Laptop <--> 4521 <--> 4511 <--> network
> Without the 4521 in the picture (just going from laptop to the 4511 to
> the network) I'm getting about 1.8Mbps.  When I add the 4521 the through-
> put drops to 128Kbps.  I've used all sorts of combination of cards in
> each of the three wireless devices (laptop, 4511 and 4521), Demarc 200mw
> cards, Linksys, Wavelan, D-Link 650H (I think it's a 650H, it's the high
> power and it's not in front of me right now).  The difference in the cards
> is negligible.  I expect some degradation, but not this much.
> The only answers I've been given so far is that the 4521 doesn't have the
> horsepower for the job.   Does anyone have any other ideas or suggestions
> to improve this?
> Vince.
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