[Soekris] m0n0wall public beta 1 released!

José Rodríguez Ruibal jrodriguez at arhlabs.com
Sat Feb 22 18:43:37 UTC 2003

Hi Manuel,

I'm testit m0n0wall on a net4521 and it works fine! I'm now testing
different solutions and yours is the best one i ever tested. I you plan
to add wireless support this could be great.


El sáb, 15 de 02 de 2003 a las 17:42, Manuel Kasper escribió:
> Hi folks,
> quite a few of you have sent me messages asking when m0n0wall, my
> all-in-one firewall package with web interface for the net4501, will be
> released. Well, finally the time has come: the first public beta version
> is available! Check
> http://neon1.net/m0n0wall
> for details, screenshots and the download. The goal is that once you have
> written the image on a CF card and plugged it into a net4501, it should
> resemble a commercial firewall box as much as possible (ease of use,
> speed, etc.) - minus the price. :)
> It's based on FreeBSD 4.7, thttpd, PHP, MPD, ipfilter, isc-dhcp and
> ez-ipupdate.
> Features include:
> * web interface
> *	serial console interface for recovery
> *	stateful packet filtering
> *	DHCP client and PPPoE support on the WAN interface
> *	DHCP server
> *	DynDNS client
> *	traffic shaper
> *	firmware upgrade over FTP
> Performance:
> * takes up less than 4 MB on the CF card (> 5 MB card required, however)
> * boots to a fully working state in less than 40 seconds
> * WAN <--> LAN throughput in the default configuration: about 17 Mbps
>   (including NAT)
> I think that the traffic shaper is an especially nice gimmick - most
> commercial firewalls I know don't offer anything like that (or QoS that
> works on the upstream only). The next version will most likely have VPN
> support (IPsec and PPTP) as well.
> At the moment, m0n0wall seems to be stable enough for "production" use at
> home (I had development versions running for weeks, transferring gigabytes
> of data without any problems), but as always: YMMV. Also, I won't make any
> promises concerning security (who can, anyway?).
> I'm grateful for feedback, bug reports (especially with fixes ;),
> suggestions etc. (please check the wishlist first before submitting
> feature requests). Also, please bear in mind that since this is a
> spare-time project, it may take awhile for new versions to be released.
> And yes, of course, m0n0wall is free software and open source (as if I had
> a choice with PHP ;) under the BSD license.
> I may port it to other embedded PCs in the future, but for now, it's built
> for net4501, with net4501! :)
> So go ahead, try it, and tell me what you think!
> Greets,
> Manuel
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