[Soekris] Running Debian on Soekris!

Varadan Venkatesh vvenkat at tataelxsi.co.in
Wed Feb 19 06:19:12 UTC 2003

> Personally, I netboot the box (loading the same kernel I loaded on the
> image).  Then run lilo and restart.  If the box comes up it is testing

What does netboot the box mean? Could you please let me know?
I have a bzImage which I built using make and now I need to put this onto a
compact flash.
I did a fdisk and mkfs on the flash. Now how do I copy this bzImage along
with the root file system?


> time.  Assuming I got everything right in that build, I shut the 45xx
> down, and pop the CF back into the workstation, where I can take a
> full disk image with dd, and copy to as many identicle CF modules as I
> need.
> BTW:  The tftp server included with most Linux distros will not work
> with PXE booting.  A minor semantics issue about path handling and a
> longstanding argument about what exactly the RFC meant, and if it
> should be otherwise.  Anyway, snag hpa-tftp (IIRC), you can find the
> approp refs if you search out some PXE booting docs.
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