[Soekris] summary and patch for CF problems in booting the 4501

Michael Sierchio kudzu at tenebras.com
Wed Feb 19 03:02:26 UTC 2003

Luigi Rizzo wrote:

> After some investigation which consumed the best part of the day,
> it turned out that the 4501 seems to have problems reading multiple
> sectors at once ...

Reading multiple sectors at once violates the INT13 Boot std. But
you knew that.

> ...on those particular CF cards (which is curious,
> because I have booted successfully the soekris box with other 64M
> cards).
> I am unclear on where the problem is -- maybe the BIOS and the CF
> disagree on the geometry, though the problem still occurs on
> a 29-sector file (the natsemi.lzrom etherboot code) which
> seems to fit in the first track.
> A quick and dirty patch to fix the problem in the FreeBSD loader
> (boot1) and the Etherboot loader (boot1a.bin) consists in forcing
> the loader to load one sector at a time. 

Thanks, Luigi, we've been waiting for this.  I now have twice as
many useful CFs as I did before.  ;-)

Can you get this committed, and when's the MFC? ;-)

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