[Soekris] m0n0wall public beta 1 released!

Christiaens Joachim jchristi at oce.be
Tue Feb 18 15:39:07 UTC 2003

Hi Manuel,

Testing your config today made me a very happy man! Everything worked as

Congratulations for this great work.

Another 2 thumbs up for Soren, who is supporting this project in his own

I will be testing the m0n0wall on a cable-modem (dhcp-client) connection
and, later on, in a production environment. It will separate the Company's
local LAN and the international (private)WAN.

The cable-modem setup includes NAT of IPsec packets (Safenet Softremote to
Firebox 1000). Tonight or tomorrow I will report on testresults...


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Hi folks,

quite a few of you have sent me messages asking when m0n0wall, my
all-in-one firewall package with web interface for the net4501, will be
released. Well, finally the time has come: the first public beta version
is available! Check


for details, screenshots and the download. The goal is that once you have
written the image on a CF card and plugged it into a net4501, it should
resemble a commercial firewall box as much as possible (ease of use,
speed, etc.) - minus the price. :)

It's based on FreeBSD 4.7, thttpd, PHP, MPD, ipfilter, isc-dhcp and

Features include:

* web interface
*	serial console interface for recovery
*	stateful packet filtering
*	DHCP client and PPPoE support on the WAN interface
*	DHCP server
*	DynDNS client
*	traffic shaper
*	firmware upgrade over FTP


* takes up less than 4 MB on the CF card (> 5 MB card required, however)
* boots to a fully working state in less than 40 seconds
* WAN <--> LAN throughput in the default configuration: about 17 Mbps
  (including NAT)

I think that the traffic shaper is an especially nice gimmick - most
commercial firewalls I know don't offer anything like that (or QoS that
works on the upstream only). The next version will most likely have VPN
support (IPsec and PPTP) as well.

At the moment, m0n0wall seems to be stable enough for "production" use at
home (I had development versions running for weeks, transferring gigabytes
of data without any problems), but as always: YMMV. Also, I won't make any
promises concerning security (who can, anyway?).

I'm grateful for feedback, bug reports (especially with fixes ;),
suggestions etc. (please check the wishlist first before submitting
feature requests). Also, please bear in mind that since this is a
spare-time project, it may take awhile for new versions to be released.

And yes, of course, m0n0wall is free software and open source (as if I had
a choice with PHP ;) under the BSD license.

I may port it to other embedded PCs in the future, but for now, it's built
for net4501, with net4501! :)

So go ahead, try it, and tell me what you think!



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