[Soekris] Tying installation to the hardware

Charlie Younghusband cwy at xiphos.ca
Mon Feb 17 22:20:30 UTC 2003

Hello everyone,

I was curious if anyone has suggestions as to how one might tie an
installation of the OS to the 4501 hardware platform itself.   We’re selling
a value-added, proprietary derivative of FreeBSD such that we’d like to
ensure that clients do not simply buy more 4501s directly and then duplicate
the flash cards.  (In particular since some are being shipped to Africa &
Asia where such practice is fairly common if it’s easy enough to do).  We
had thoughts of creating a separate encrypted file for each box we ship
based on a MAC address or ideally a processor serial number and then force
check of this file each boot up.

Suggestions?  MAC addresses for some chipsets I believe are changeable, I
don’t know about a processor ID exists; perhaps something in the BIOS with
system call access?  Perhaps there is a simply and cheap PCI or min-PCI
dongle we could use?


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