[Soekris] m0n0wall public beta 1 released!

Manuel Kasper mk at neon1.net
Mon Feb 17 21:31:23 UTC 2003

Hey Soren!

> The n0n0wall looks pretty cool, probably the best free net4501 software
> I've seen so far (no offense to everybody else doing other great
> work...).

Thank you very much - now that makes me feel great, to hear that from the
master of net4501 himself!

> Although I don't really give out much free hardware, I would like to
> offer you a free net4511 or net4521 of your choice, to support your work
>  on adding the wireless support.

That would be like so cool! Makes me feel reassured that it was the right
decision to start m0n0wall as a free software project. Thanks so much -
I'm really glad to learn that writing free software doesn't have to mean
to keep giving all the time without receiving.

And of course, I'll chip in on shipping charges - it's not your fault that
I live in Switzerland. Just let me know how much it is.

OK, people who asked for wireless access point support in m0n0wall (and
there were quite a few!) - as soon as I get that net4511, I'll start
working on it (that means that wireless support has moved to the top of
the To Do list :).

Thank you!


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