[Soekris] Dimension Drawings/Specs

felix schmid felix at belugalounge.net
Sun Feb 16 01:08:41 UTC 2003

At 18:43 15.02.2003 -0500, you wrote:
>Quoting felix schmid (felix at belugalounge.net):
> >
> > apple polisher...What is bad 'bout asking for that?

"apple polisher" - sorry, dude, but that word (found with http://dict.leo.org)
was so funny I just had to use it :o) It was late at night also.

>What is so bad?
>Gee, let's imagine:
>"I'd be getting shipments out or working on the new board,
>  but I spent two hrs busy getting together docs for some guy
>  who deserves them because he bought three boards."

Get a student apprentice for this kind of work. Be prepared to be asked 
like this if you sell boards without cases. On the other hand, if you sell 
board with cases,
it's likely that dimension drawings already exists. They could be included 
in the pdf manual...

>Each of these requests reduces his profitability; each of
>these demands for his time raises the costs of his boxes.

You might be right with that.

>we put a Cisco Aironet board into an ammunition box and fixed it to a 4 meter
>antenna pole. We took a piece of perf board, screwed in offsets for the 
>Aironet board,
>glued the perfboard to the box and screwed in the Aironet board to it.

Well done!! Sounds kind of fun.

BTW: I think that Soren did (and is doing) a GREAT job with his boards. It 
was him making it
possible for me to replace my 486er-based gateway big-tower with a 
book.size net4501. I wish
I'd have a digital camera to show you photos of 'before' and 'after'....
I hope he will sell LOTS of his gears and eventually becomes a millionaire.

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