[Soekris] Dimension Drawings/Specs

Dave dave at cc0.net
Fri Feb 14 18:38:06 UTC 2003

I would have happily emailed him directly if a support email address had
been listed on the Soekris website.

It is considered bad netiquette in my opinion, to individually email a
member of a mailing list by extracting their email address from previous
posts...and now that I actually looked deeper it appears that
sales at soekris.com accepts technical questions. My apologies to the list.

Documentation and/or Technical/Engineering drawings of a product is usually
included with a product..especially that of an OEM product. I don't think I
am asking too much.

If I am asking too much, then I apologize to the list and to Soren for
wasting their time.



> Quoting Dave (dave at cc0.net):
> > I just purchased a couple 4521's after having 4511's and I would like to
> > request dimension drawings for these boards. Specifically what I am
> > is the actual dimensions of the boards in addition to mounting hole
> > location/dimensions, etc.
> >
> > I know I can do all the measurements myself but it would be great to
> > the actual dimensions from the source so I can avoid a screwup on my
> > part...;)
> And you'd pay him for the time it takes him from other things?
> Or his time is free?  Or you are a customer and he should do
> things for customers just because they are a customer...
> 1) send requests to him, not a public mail list.
> 2) offer him some compensation for such requests
>    OR
> 3) take the board out, measure it.  Use the case holes to
>    measure for mounting hardware.
> Crankily yours (and waiting for the new boards and not wanting
>                 soren buried in basic freebie support requests),
> chuck
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