[Soekris] POE on 4521 and 4511 not working with a compaq/lucent/avaya 6 port POE injector

Bob Hrbek bhrbek at jagwireless.com
Fri Feb 7 22:56:46 UTC 2003

 I am trying to power my soekris 4521/4511's over the Ethernet with a Compaq
 6 port POE injector, that is supposed to conform to the 802.whatever POE

 The manual says it supplies 48v over 4,5+/7,8-  I wired up a 20v DC source
 and made my own injector and the board boots nicely.  However, the Compaq
 poe injector (same as an avaya or lucent injector) apparently thinks the
 boards that I have (4511 and 4521) are not POE capable.

 The model/serial of my 4512 is...  P/N: 1542130  Serial: 010398

 Do I need to upgrade my bios or something?


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