[Soekris] ISPs using Soekris 802.11

Vladimir I. hazard at francoudi.com
Thu Feb 6 13:44:12 UTC 2003

We actively use 4521 and 4511 for hotspots and wireless CPEs as well.

Mike Machado wrote:
> We (InnerCite http://www.innercite.com) deploy a lot of the soekris as a
> wireless CPE gateway, both the 4501 with the D-Link DWL-520 and the 4511
> with the Cisco 350 card. We also have several places where this box is a
> PPTP VPN server to allow remote clients to get a tunneled address from
> their LAN.
> Its not all wireless either, we have a few that are DSL routers behind
> an external DSL modem. I have also looked at using PCMCIA ISDN cards,
> PCI 2.2 T1 and DSL cards as well and will probably use these in the
> field in the future.
> You can see pictures of some of the units we use at
> http://www.innercite.com/~mike/soekris
> On Wed, 2003-02-05 at 14:30, Chris Cappuccio wrote:
>>Hey folks,
>>I'm trying to put together a proposal.... I would love it if anyone could send
>>me examples of:
>>1. ISPs/other businesses deploying Soekris 802.11 boxes, particularly with the
>>   Senao card (or perhaps other prism based cards)
>>2. ISPs deploying Soekris boxes for other purposes
>>3. Companies selling Soekris-based routers/firewalls/vpn this and
>>   thats/whatevers
>>As well, I'll send a summary back to the list if people want...
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