[Soekris] ISPs using Soekris 802.11

Chris Cappuccio chris at nmedia.net
Wed Feb 5 22:30:44 UTC 2003

Hey folks,

I'm trying to put together a proposal.... I would love it if anyone could send
me examples of:

1. ISPs/other businesses deploying Soekris 802.11 boxes, particularly with the
   Senao card (or perhaps other prism based cards)
2. ISPs deploying Soekris boxes for other purposes
3. Companies selling Soekris-based routers/firewalls/vpn this and

As well, I'll send a summary back to the list if people want...


"Thomas Pynchon on bad acid couldn't dream up the paranoid nightmares now
pouring out of Washington." -- John Perry Barlow

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