[Soekris] read-only CF switch header on 4501?

nospam nospam at chromerose.com
Sat Dec 27 03:05:12 UTC 2003

is it possible to add to (specifically) a NET4501 a header for a switch to
toggle the compact flash (CF) card between read and read-only??

i am used to running LEAF (leaf.sf.net) off floppys that can be left RO
until a modification needs to be made.  when a package needs to be updated,
the tab can be slipped to RW, the update made, and then slipped back to RO.

i'm not so concerned about the OS running off a RO partition, but more about
an unauthorized modification being made to the boot media (CF card) by
someone without physical access to the device.

if i missed something in the mailing list archive, apologies, but that 14MB
txt file is pretty hard to search effectively.


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