[Soekris] installing openbsd from alpha

annelies peeters soekris at stealth.mooo.be
Tue Dec 23 18:46:19 UTC 2003

I'm fairly new to OpenBSD (moved from Linux) and I'm planning to install it
on my Soekris net4501 board. I have OpenBSD running on my Alpha PWS500au and
would use that system to prepare the CF card to boot from on my net4501. But
the kernel of the alpha is, obviously, an Alpha kernel while the Soekris has
an x86 architecture. Has anyone got an idea on how I should go about to move
my patched 3.4 kernel from the Alpha to the net4501? Or would it be best to
find an old Pentium and install from there with flashdist? Thanks for any

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