[Soekris] net4501 rebooting

Michael Iedema iedemam at pluto.dsu.edu
Tue Dec 23 16:27:59 UTC 2003

Justin & list,

> Sometimes it just reboots.
> When I force high traffic between 2 interfaces of the 
> net4501, it reboots
> after a couple seconds.

I am experiencing this same problem with my 4511.  I have a wireless
ipsec link in between two houses and haven't been able to transfer
anything "out" of my house without the box rebooting.  I can transfer in
with no trouble.

I have not had the chance to bring the box inside and look at the
console when this is occuring so I cannot snag any messages.  No
solutions here, but is there anyone else out there with this problem as

The box comes inside this week (as soon as the snow melts off of my
roof) and then maybe I can give you more information.

--Michael I.

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