[Soekris] Which Linux are recomended to install ?

Neilson Henriques neilson at predialnet.com.br
Thu Dec 18 19:20:36 UTC 2003

Some of people here recommend me the Pebble and it is really
quite easier to install...
My first need is to know about the throughput of Linux in 4501
using a small self-made application. Nothing so special.
I know I must have to tunning, cut and setup a lot of things to
get the *real* capability of the device and now I'll follow up your
steps and read the LFS HOW-TO ...

I did tried m0n0wall too but I'm benchmarking the OSes to
take a decision of which can be used with my application ...

Thank you for your reply Josh !

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> I think that is an opinionated question sort of and in my opinion it's
> to build your own for applications like this. That way you get to build in
> all the optimization you want and only install the packages you want. This
> way you end up with a tinny managable system. I built a linux for my
> that fits on a 128 flash (i think I use about 90 MB of that and I could
> prolly cut out another 20 or so) that has kernel 2.4.22 (with Geode CPU id
> patch), ssh/ssl, iptables, postfix (to act as a mail gateway), various
> network tools (iptraf, tcpdump, etc.), and a bunch of other stuff which I
> felt was needed. I used the LFS HOW-TO and a few other resources published
> by others who have built there own linux for the net4x01. Ofcourse if your
> looking for "easy to install" then building your own linux prolly isn't
> you...
> Do you have your heart set on linux? I tried monowall briefly which is
> on freebsd if im not mistaken. It is supper tinny, I think the image was
> <6MB and it is rather comprehensive.
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> Hello list,
>     Does anybody can point me a good Linux distro to run in the
>     4501 ? I found the Net4501 project, Peeble and others but
>     its hard to make a decision on which is better and easier to
>     install.
>     Thanks for any help !
>     Neilson

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