[Soekris] Additional BIOS options, and ?'s about the power connector

Kirby W. Cartwright kcartwri at columbus.rr.com
Thu Dec 18 18:14:57 UTC 2003

Dear Mr. Kristensen,

First, I've noticed that the 1.22 BIOS for the net4801 has some

> show
ConSpeed = 9600
ConLock = Enabled
ConMute = Disabled
BIOSentry = Enabled
PCIROMS = Enabled
PXEBoot = Enabled
FLASH = Primary
BootDelay = 5
BootPartition = Disabled
ShowPCI = Enabled
Reset = Hard

I can take a guess to what the ones in italics are, but I'd like to hear
your definitions.

Second, I'm confused about JP10, the DC Power connector.  Is it meant
for battery backup?
For 5V input?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kirby W. Cartwright

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