[Soekris] Some question on serial port

Stuart Henderson stu at spacehopper.org
Thu Dec 18 11:39:40 UTC 2003

--On 18/12/2003 12:08 +0100 Diego Pansica <sigsolco at yahoo.it> wrote:

> Thanks for your answer, you were very clearly, i have only one
> problem, i haven't the file /dev/cuaa0, i think it was a device file
> but i don' t know why i haven't yet, According to you, is it a
> problem of driver ?

Different OS use different names for the devices (I don't have a Linux 
machine to check what it's called there). Probably Minicom will come 
configured with something suitable, if it doesn't work, just try 
changing the number (or of course you could use a program like 
Hyperterminal or Teraterm on Windows, which you might find easier).

> Thanks for the answer but now i have a doubt, are a "Simple serial
> cross cable" and "A standard null modem serial cable (DB9-female at
> both ends of the cable)" different or they are the same type of cable

They are the same. You might also find a 9-pin laplink cable, which is 
OK too. Specifically, pin 5 on both plugs should be wired together, and 
pins 2 and 3 should be crossed.

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