[Soekris] miniPCI memory for net4801?

Jim Thompson jim at netgate.com
Tue Dec 16 19:56:55 UTC 2003

You're using this for a boot device?  e.g. its battery-backed, (or
flash, or something?)

if its SDRAM, then the PCI bus is *s*l*o*w*, also, the
bios/kernel/... are going to potentially have to be hacked to 'find'
the memory.

Otherwise, you have a source for these?  :-)

Michael Sierchio writes:
> I never got a response from Soren, any guesses on the
> likelihood of an off-the-shelf miniPCI memory
> card w/1GB or so working in the net4801?
> This has some advantages over moving parts for some
> applications.
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