[Soekris] Another CF that doesn't book on 4501.

neal rauhauser neal at lists.rauhauser.net
Tue Dec 16 02:29:24 UTC 2003

   Obtain ComBIOS 1.22 from the Soekris web site if you haven't already, 
and ensure that whatever you're using to write to the 32 meg PNY 
understands the geometry. I've got some PNY and they work fine with 
4511s, but their geometry is *way* different than the other 32 meg 
modules I've had. hint: boot your 4501 and see what *it* reports as the 
geometry of the flash, and modify whatever tool you're using to reflect 
those numbers.

   Here is a snippet from my OpenSoekris installation showing the mods 
needed to make PNY 32s fly ...

             # PNY - labeled 33 to separate it from other 32 meg CF
             totalsize=62720         # "total sectors:"
             bytessec=512            # "bytes/sector:"
             sectorstrack=32         # "sectors/track:"
             sectorscylinder=128     # "sectors/cylinder:"
             trackscylinder=4        # "tracks/cylinder:"
             cylinders=496           # "cylinders:"

bwc at coraid.com wrote:
> The pny 32mb flashes doen't boot.
> One thing in common is that all my 32MB flashes don't
> work.  It this a clue?
> What does the bios do to id the flash that could be causing these problems?
> Brantley Coile
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