[Soekris] ADSL solutions for 4xx1?

Peter Curran pcurran at ticl.co.uk
Tue Dec 16 00:17:48 UTC 2003

I know this is an FAQ, but it hasn't been asked for a while and things may 
have changed....

Can anybody suggest (or even recommend) and ADSL solution that will plug into 
a 4xx1 box - PCI, Mini-PCI or PCMCIA?  If there was driver support under 
OpenBSD that would be better, but drivers for any open OS would be better 
than nothing.

I have trawled Google and friends extensively and have only turned up a couple 
of PCI systems that probably need all sorts of fancy voltages to work (the 
documentation for these things is often too vague to be of use).


Peter Curran

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