[Soekris] OBSD bridge example on Soekris?

neal rauhauser neal at lists.rauhauser.net
Tue Dec 16 01:55:46 UTC 2003

    I've got a pair of NET4511 and I've added Netgate wireless cards and 
Memorex 32 meg compact flash, fooled with the OpenSoekris script a bit 
to get what I want, and they're nice little BSD boxes when this is done.

   However ... I am new to OpenBSD and I've not used the bridge device 
before on any operating system. I looked at what the OpenSoekris script 
did, then I mounted the image with vnconfig and adjusted /etc/rc to the 

brconfig bridge0 add sis0
brconfig bridge0 add sis1
brconfig bridge0 add wi0
brconfig bridge0 up

   I easily get traffic from sis0 to sis1, I can assign an IP address to 
the wireless cards here on the bench and access either side, but I can't 
get it to pass traffic. If I examine brconfig -a I see the MAC of the 
remote wireless device. /etc/pf.conf just has pass in/out all. Still no 
traffic. I dig in with tcpdump and I see the wireless interface on one 
side trying to forward broadcast/multicast traffic but it never appears 
on the other side.

   I'm really at a loss for what to do next ... I'd be very grateful if 
someone could forward an /etc/rc from a system doing simple ad hoc 
bridging with OpenBSD. Thanks.

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