[Soekris] Net4801 CPU speed after reset

Josh Kropf josh at slashdev.ca
Mon Dec 15 15:35:47 UTC 2003


I experienced this same problem, however it occured whenever I tried to
reboot the box (soft reboot aswell). The box would hang when you try and do
a soft reboot (from os, or bios). After it hung I would hit the reset button
and then the CPU would be at half. There was issues with the net4801 and the
soft reboot registers. After applying a patch to the com bios 1.22 to fix
the reboot issue the CPU issue magicly dissapeared. I don't know if this was
conicidence but im not complaining :)

You can find the fix to the com bios 1.22 somewhere in this list. However,
the jist of it was do a:

cmosread 0f

in the com bios. If the command retured something other than zero, do a

cmoswrite 0f 0

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I've just got hold of a net4801 and am pleased with it so far. Just one
thing I've discovered is that on power-on, the CPU speed as shown on the
bios screen is 266MHz, but whenever I use the reset button, it displays
133MHz. The memory test also seems to take about twice as long to complete,
so I'm guessing it really does run at this speed. Anyone else noticed this?
I'm running net4801 BIOS release version 1.22.



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