[Soekris] Net4801 CPU speed after reset

Matt Dickinson lists at alpha345.com
Sun Dec 14 18:10:22 UTC 2003

Marcus Schwartz wrote:
> Matt,
> I've been told that this can be fixed by using your fingertip to short
> two pins on crystal X1, which is located between the CPU and the PCI
> slot... You need to short together the two pins closest to the CPU
> (farthest from the PCI slot) as you are applying power to the board.
> I've had to do this twice, and my board still works... but I have no
> idea how/why this works, so don't hold me responsible if you toast
> yours :) 

I've also been told (off-list):

This is a known bug of net4801 and bios 1.22. Soren said that it'll be fixed
with the next bios version.

I'd prefer to pull the power plug each time, rather than pressing reset and
using the short technique :-)


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