[Soekris] openbsd compact flash boot and diskless run scripts

Gray Watson gray.soekris at mailnull.com
Sat Dec 13 01:12:58 UTC 2003


I've been working for a couple of weeks on a couple of scripts and
documentation to create kernel and compact flash images to boot my
NET4801 soekris box from the CF and then to run diskless under OpenBSD
3.3 and 3.4.  I think they are ready for prime time.

I copied the disk partition and label code from Chris Cappuccio's and
Ron Rosson's flashdist script (thanks guys) but my scripts give me
more fine grained control over what is included in the CF image than
flashdist or OpenSoekris.

Here's the web page that I've created for it.


I hope you find them useful.  Also, I see no reason why the same
procedures won't work for any of the *BSD or linux variants.

Comments welcome.
Gray Watson

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