[Soekris] Re: Problem with wireless link

Jason Pappas jpappas at mount-airy.us
Fri Dec 12 18:27:46 UTC 2003

Oh, one other note to my previous message.  I was getting a good to
excellent signal.  I was within 100 feet of my access point. 

AND... Netstumbler could see the AP most of the time.

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Quoting Sasa Vender (sasavi at yahoo.com):
> Yes. I have Senao cdplus ext2. External antenna is
> out.
> I have optical sight.Distance is about 1/2 mile
> It could be wireless interference.
> There is lots of antennas there.

"Oh, by the way it's a kilometer away?"

You didn't think that perhaps pertinent?

Interference, antenna design and placement... lots of things will
impact your signal.

> I use stumbler and signal was ok.

Define "ok" please.

> Ping had loss up to 54%.
> I 'll try other channels.
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