[Soekris] net4501 bios upgrade

Gary Prince gPrince at Websong.com
Fri Dec 12 17:57:29 UTC 2003

At 08:08 AM 12/12/2003, you wrote:

 > I've gotten my hand on this old net4501 board
 > with bios 1.10 (20020603). I'm trying to update
 >  the bios but no matter what I do I keep getting
 > transfer errors:
 > download
 > Start sending file using XMODEM protocol.
 > ½+lsz -X b4501_122.bin
 > Sending b4501_122.bin, 1024 blocks: Give your local
 > XMODEM receive command now.
 > Xmodem sectors/kbytes sent:   0/ 0kRetry 0: NAK on sector
 > Retry 0: NAK on sector

Just a random though - check what kind of handshaking you are using on your 
serial line.  My experience with Net4501's is that they want XON/XOFF, and 
will not work with DTR/DSR or RTS/CTS.  They also don't seem to work if you 
have handshaking turned off completely.

I have found that this works with BIOS version 0.99a and later.

--- Gary Prince

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